Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Kitchen Island

Hello Bloggers!!

 I have recently shared how my husband and I bought a new home! I have had a lot of fun decorating our new house, but with that comes $$$$! There were several things that I wanted to do to our new home, but of course, everything comes with a price. I don't know about you, but I love doing projects and finding ways to save money. Pinterest has become a dear friend of mine. I love doing projects, but am not always the most crafty. God knew what he was doing when he put Michael and I together, because my husband is a pretty handy fella. He can do most anything, which is helpful considering my Pinterest addiction! Our new home was crying out for a kitchen island. We did some pricing, and found out that it can be quite pricey to buy one. You can buy a cheap kitchen island at your local Target, but they are not always sturdy. After much shopping, my husband and I decided to to build a kitchen island. We were able to save a couple hundred dollars doing it this way, and we knew it would be well built.

We found the cabinets at Home Depot. They were having a sale on their cabinets...SCORE! We bought the butcher block from Menards. It was cheaper than we thought it would be, that is always a nice surprise! We were going to order a custom counter top, but found it was cheaper to do butcher block, and I liked the look better. Michael and my father-in-law put the cabinets together, added bead board and built a shelving unit on the end of it as well as a towel rack. I did the painting. I have black rustic cabinets, so I wanted to play up a color in the kitchen. I decided red was a good color, and I played up red in other parts of the house. That is one of the perks of building it yourself, you can customize it how you want.  It took some time, but in the end we got our perfect kitchen island and saved some money. A good deal all around!! Below are a before and after picture of the island!

Go and have fun and make a project of your own and share! Would love to see the results!



  1. So glad you posted a picture of this!! Really want Derrick to build me one in the near future. We looked at the cabinets last night when we were at home depot, but I couldn't remember exactly what yours looked like.

    1. Yay!! Let me know if you need any help? It is a lot cheaper doing it yourself!

  2. Looks so good girl!!! Thanks for linking this up!! Love u!!

  3. This is exactly what I want in our new house!! I've had it pictured in my head for week,and then sae your post and Wow! Same color I want to do too!! Thank you so much for sharing and now hopefully my hubby and myself can make this happen.

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  5. You mentioned your cabinets but how did you come up with the shelving?